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「智昇」保險計劃 ── 孩子終生規劃篇

由啱啱出世、開始識嗌爸爸媽媽、第一日返學、以至畢業、成家立室,父母都希望子女喺每­一個階段都可以順利成長,無憂無慮活出精彩人生! AIA「智昇」保險計劃致力幫父母嘅財富增值,令你嘅子女無論踏上邊一個人生階段,都­有足夠嘅財富儲備開拓佢嘅未來,成就夢想! 立即睇呢段短片,為子女實現愛的承諾! As a parent, you want your child to be happy and free of worry at each stage of life, from birth to their first word, their first day at school, the day they graduate, to their wedding day! AIA’s Proactive Insurance Plan helps parents increase their wealth so you can give your […]